Our Background

The conceptual seed of “The Educationist” got sown in March 2004, when the fertile ground was provided to the Founder, in the form of training assignment to train Sales Consultants and Service Advisors in the automobile domain, while working in the capacity of Senior Sales Consultant at Honda Cars Dealership. This conceptual seed got acclimatized with the ground, during the volunteer mentoring assignment as Corporate Mentor to Udayan Care Girls at HCL Technologies Limited BPO Services between March 2005 to July 2007. And the process of imbibition started while teaching management related subjects at B-Schools & E-Schools.

It was in the year 2010, when the conceptual seed germinated and sprouted to take the shape of an entity termed as The Educationist Society. The reason the word “The Educationist” was chosen simply because of its meaning, energy and spirit. It will not be unfair to state that everything learnt or taught is nothing but education and everyone who is practicing it is an educationist. It is just not only academics or edification. It is far and beyond the stated meaning. It was resolved that The Educationist Society, must become a mighty Tree of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. And to give this concept a pragmatic shape, it was thought to have several ‘social service’ related verticals under this Society, in the form of skill training organisations, vocational schools or educational institutions.

Since 2011, The Educationist Supergroup has been working in a pro bono mode, at its own natural pace of growth and penetration in the Supergroup, with a very clear vision, mission and objective of promoting, supporting and spreading Education, Employability, Entrepreneurship, Advisory & Counselling Services amongst the students, working professionals and furthermore to the masses at large.

However, in August 2018, the Founder of The Educationist Supergroup, launched a micro-level startup in the domain of Education Management and Career Development and named it as “TES Ventures – The Industry Academia Interface”. Later it has been converted into a multi-business organization reincarnated as " TES Ventures - Recreating Lifestyles ! "
TES is nothing but the acronym of The Educationist Supergroup .   Check : www.tesventures.in