The Educationist Supergroup


To promote, support and spread Employability, Entrepreneurship, Education, Advisory & Counselling Services amongst the masses.


To take Advisory & Counselling Services in the areas of Education, Career and Life to the common person by 2025.


Enhancing Proficiencies, Capabilities, Competences and Hands-on Skills through Counselling, Training, Teaching, Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching.

Core Values :
Truth | Trust | Respect | Honesty | Integrity | Transparency | Loyalty


The Educationist Supergroup is an endeavour to Improve the Quality of Life at every possible level by enriching the four quadrants of life (namely personal, professional, social and spiritual) by enriching the specific areas in Education, Career and Life.
This endeavour is an affirmation of our intent and our choice to co-create, peace, balance and harmony with love, happiness, health, wealth and abundance for one and all, wholly and completely.

Our Background

The conceptual seed of “The Educationist” got sown in March 2004, when the fertile ground was provided to the Founder, in the form of training assignment to train Sales Consultants and Service Advisors in the automobile domain, while working in the capacity of Senior Sales Consultant at Honda Cars Dealership. This conceptual seed got acclimatized with the ground, during the volunteer mentoring assignment as Corporate Mentor to Udayan Care Girls at HCL Technologies Limited BPO Services between March 2005 to July 2007. And the process of imbibition started while teaching management related subjects at B-Schools & E-Schools.

Our Services

The Educationist Sutra of Career Advisors & Counsellors


The Educationist Sutra is an effort towards offering Career Guidance, Career Management and Career Development Services to the Individuals and Groups, who are seeking Career Advice or a Career Counselling Session for a fee. The Psychology Wing provides specialized Psychological Counselling Services in the areas of Mental, Emotional and Psychological Well-being; to the associated schools, colleges, universities, institutions, corporates and business houses, by engaging Professionals and Practitioners of Psychology. The Students of Psychology are encouraged to take-up Internship Programs for practical learning.

Areas of Operations:
  • Career Guidance, Career Advice and Career Counselling
  • Career Management and Career Development
  • Psychology Counselling Services comprising Mental, Emotional and Psychological Well-being
  • Study Abroad Program
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The Educationist School of Sales – TESOS

Sooner or later, in life, job or business, everybody has to sell something to somebody. Even if they are not 'in sales', they got to know how to sell, it could be a product, a service, an idea or their own-self. We have training sessions for the students of primary, secondary & tertiary education, for the job-seekers, budding entrepreneurs and working professionals.

Areas of Operations:
  • Sales Certificate Programs
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Mentoring
  • Sales Training
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The Educationist School of English Communication – TESOEC

The Educationist School of English Communication is in the areas of providing applied learning and support to students, working professionals and home makers to meet their personal, professional and social aspirations. The objective of TSOEC is to equip individuals on complete communication aspect of English Language.

Areas of Operations:
  • Spoken English
  • Written English


The Educationist School of Learning Training & Development – TESLTD

TESLTD is the E-Learning Platform for Learning and Training for the benefit of Students, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Areas of Operations:
  • Training Programs on different topics, subjects and domains offering Specialized Short-term Certification Programs in the areas of Management, Technology, Law, etc


Institute of Ideation Research Innovation and Incubation Studies – IIRIIS

Institute of Ideation, Research, Innovation and Incubation Studies – referred as IIRIIS (as in Iris) – is an edification model conceptualized for the personal & professional development of the scholars and ... faculty members associated with research domain, where they are provided with expert help, support and backing, so that they can realize their dreams and convert them from a bare concept to an actuality.
IIRIIS expertise in bringing-in together the best of the minds in the areas of science and commerce to strengthen different research verticals associated with domains like medical, engineering, management, law, psychology, etc. and strives to offer several solutions, customised as per the challenges faced by young scientists, inventors and innovators.
IIRIIS encourages, promotes and supports the ideology of nation building by being self-reliant, self-dependent and self-sufficient, therefore helps new-age entrepreneurs in their business ideas, concepts or endeavours, by partnering with them for a prosperous future.

Areas of Operations:
  • Ideation
  • Research
  • Innovation & Incubation
  • Patents
  • Project Proposals/Funding



Executive Board

Simran Kaur

Mrs. Simran Kaur Rana

CMD, The Educationist Supergroup
Executive Director, TES Ventures
President, The Red Dot Foundation

Rana Vikarm Singh

Mr. Rana Vikram Singh

Executive Coach, The Equilibrium
President & CEO, The Educationist Supergroup
Executive Director, TES Ventures

Honorary Advisory Board

Anupama Nigam

Mrs. Anupama Nigam

Co-Founder, The Master Interns

Ms. Shubhra Jain

Program Director
The Educationist Sutra

Ms. Rajshree Thouroijam Adroja

Assistant Manager-Operations

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The Educationist Project

- The purpose of the society/trust is the welfare of the society through Education, Employability, Entrepreneurship and Career Advisory & Counselling services.
- To sponsor, promote, develop aid and run institutions, trusts, societies, school, teacher training institutes, educational institutions, libraries and other charitable societies.
- To sponsor, promote, develop aid and run institutions, trusts, societies, school, teacher training institutes, educational institutions, libraries and other charitable societies.

Our Other Services